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Tokenexus Topped Derivatives Total Trading Volume For September, Says Cryptocompare Report

Tokenexus review

Users can transfer the cryptos from another exchange or a hardware wallet. Under this, you will have to upload the document’s images, which you selected in the level 1 verification. After completing this, your withdrawal limit will increase up to 300 BTC. Other programs like Referral and affiliate reward users for bringing users to this platform.

  • This means that the bulk of their funds are stored offline in a cold environment.
  • Information about the minimum deposit fees is not available online.
  • Easy to use interface allows both beginners and more experienced traders to trade crypto on the platform.
  • The opinions expressed in this blog do not constitute investment advice and independent financial advice should be sought where appropriate.

There are various types of orders available in the market that help investors to place a trade at a predefined volume and price. Algo orders are such special orders that are extremely vital for active day traders.

The exchange itself was never hacked despite being a very attractive target for attackers, having constantly maintained its place at the top of exchange rankings for the past year. US customers cannot trade with Tokenexus due to strict regulations that are outside of the exchange’s control. Cryptocurrency investors will need to find a licensedtrading platform in the USA.

Tokenexus Fees

By far the most fundamental technical difference between Bitcoin and Litecoin are the different cryptographic algorithms that they employ. Bitcoin makes use of the longstanding SHA-256 algorithm, whereas Litecoin makes use of a comparatively new algorithm known as Scrypt. Bitcoin news portal providing breaking news, guides, price analysis about decentralized digital money & blockchain technology. Investing in Bitcoin early has paid off handsomely, and other cryptocurrencies are following suit. The potential is there, but only for projects with lasting power that have both fundamental strength and technicals to back up their price momentum.

Haven’t used support yet but will edit my review if I have to use support team. Tokenexus keeps listing new altcoins and there is a lot of volume so all of my trades manage to process. Sent some coins into the Tokenexus wallet which showed successful But my account wasn’t credited. I believe they tried to scam me, they kept giving series of excuses and kept apologizing without What is Bitcoin making any effort. The last one It was successful on the network but It didn’t come to my account in seven days. Tokenexus is a Malta-based exchange, and is currently considered one of the largest crypto-to-crypto exchanges in the world. Stay up to date with our latest exchange reviews, promotions, how-to guides and educational articles on Bitcoin, cryptocurrency & more.

To start trading at Tokenexus, select the respective trading option from the main menu. Once redirected to the trading page, you can choose your base asset.

How Do I Know I Can Trust These Reviews About Tokenexus?

One of the biggest advantages of using this exchange is its low fees. Trading fees are offered in a volume-based maker-taker fee schedule, with some fees starting from as low as 0.03%. This is significantly low compared to the global industry average of 0.20%-0.25%. Information about the minimum deposit fees is not available online. Tokenexus, founded in 2017, is a digital asset exchange or cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Malta and has an office in Hong Kong. An Tokenexus exchange review shows that they serve areas worldwide via no less than 420 markets. The combined trading volume that these markets bring, places Tokenexus within the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges by volume.

  • Based on their track record, Tokenexus seems to be a safe Exchange to use.
  • Below are the tiers only for spot trading, to provide an example of the fee scheduling complexity.
  • Trading Crypto trading is a great way to get involved in the blockchain revolution.
  • The transfer was successful on the network but Tokenexus stole my toncoins.
  • The system is flexible, giving you sufficient control over all of your trading needs.
  • We also reference original research from other reputable publishers where appropriate.

In a response to Insider, a PR manager for OKX denied this saying there is no listing fees for any tokens. The futures and swaps give you a great deal of nationality not just when it comes to assets to trade but also order functionality and data analytics tools. Tokenexus has designed platforms that are not only highly functional but also really easy to use. Just like with the perpetual swaps, the normal users will have similar fees when trading options. However, the level to reach the VIP tier is much lower at only 1,000 BTC. The exchange platform that Tokenexus offers can be accessed both in the browser, as well as a downloadable desktop client software.

Is Your Cryptocurrency Safe With Okx?

When searching for the largest and safest crypto-to-crypto exchange, explore our ultimate Tokenexus Exchange review to find out if it’s right for you. Mobile verification – This utilizes the mobile phone to withdraw funds, change passwords, and confirm changes to the account. For customer support, Tokenexus has a support center with an FAQ section as well as a page where you can submit requests. Along with this, they have a chat box you can use in case you have a question that is more specific to your needs. As many exchanges do not even contain a chat box to begin with, this is a welcome addition. Along with the low fees, these options are what make Tokenexus unique as it has a whole toolbox waiting to be explored as you dive deeper into crypto. In January 2020, Tokenexus lowered the fees on BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, and USDT-ERC20.

Tokenexus review

So far, unlike some other cryptocurrency exchanges, Tokenexus has not suffered a confirmed hack involving multiple victims. They are also known to cater very well to Asian-based traders with support for currencies like the Chinese Yuan that may be difficult to find Bitcoin elsewhere. As with many crypto exchanges and high-volume services, there are, at times, complaints regarding slow response times and ineffective resolutions. While Tokenexus claims to prioritize user experience, delays can be expected during peak market timings.

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Savings Account earns you interest on your assets while giving you the flexibility to withdraw or move your coins at any time. This derivative allows you to hold a position as long as you want, and exchange the assets for another at any given time.

  • OKX is a professional trading platform that is well-backed and has international goals.
  • Nobody owns the Bitcoin network much like no one owns the technology behind email.
  • Perpetual swaps have about the same fees as that of normal Futures.
  • It has an easy interface together with a separate mobile application.

It is available in over 100 countries and the BTC futures trading on Tokenexus recently surpassed $1.5bn per day in daily trading volume. ● Set price alerts to receive real-time notifications on your favorite cryptocurrencies. You can also view crypto prices in the spot, futures and options markets and adjust your trading strategies at any time.

It offers traditional DeFi options using Aave, dYdX, Compound, DDEX, and Maker. These have varying interest rates determined by the platform and the token type you’d like to borrow. OKX also enables peer-to-peer lending services with flexible terms. OKX is an innovative cryptocurrency exchange with advanced financial services built on blockchain technology to provide trading, investment, and learning resources. Tokenexus is one of the most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms.

What Can You Do At Tokenexus?

Offers fiat-to-crypto trading so users can easily enter into, and “cash out” their cryptocurrencies. Tokenexus also has a robust system to ensure customer account security. These tools include 2FA verification, mobile verification codes for withdrawals and changing settings, and anti-phishing codes in every Tokenexus email. They also have a bug bounty program to reward any persons who discover and report security vulnerabilities in the Exchange.

Tokenexus review

To help investors place a trade at a predefined volume and price, different market orders and the ability to use Algo orders are vital for active daily users. Therefore, the OKX platform allows users to trade with different types of orders.

This is just because you cannot properly chart the trendlines or set up multiple trading parameters. Once you have selected the option that you want to trade, either through option discovery or All Options, then you will have a similar trading interface to the Futures and Swaps. If you pop on over to the position tiers guide you will see that the 100x leverage (or 1% margin) only applies to those positions that are less than 3,000 contracts. As you take on more contracts then your leverage factor will start to decrease.

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Failing that, all you need to do to fund your account is to navigate to the ‘Assets’ button, click ‘deposit’ and a screen with crypto details will show up. On top of that, Tokenexus offers a crypto mining pool, Crypto-to-Crypto loans, and staking. The Tokenexus CEO JayHao had a background in game development and the semiconductor industry before joining the crypto space. In 2018, the exchange expanded operations to Malta, which adopted a crypto-friendly approach.

And right now, all the information is pointing towards going all-in on value projects in the crypto industry. Cryptocurrencies are experiencing a bullish phase in a major way.

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If you wanted to withdraw your funds then you will have to double check your withdrawal limits. These will depend on not only your tier but also how much verification you have completed. If you would like to move onto level 2 verification to increase your trading and withdrawal limits then you will need to upload copies of your ID document.

This will suit traders that are familiar with Tradingview to chart traditional assets. OKX does not charge users any fee for deposits and withdrawals. However, there is a minimum amount of Bitcoin network fee that users have to pay when they withdraw Bitcoin from the exchange. Money can be withdrawn by the traders any time they wish to, by filling a withdrawal form and paying the required withdrawal fees. Yes, it is one of the safest cryptocurrency exchanges with the most advanced encryption technology that secures the platform from hackers.

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It offers various trading options and that too at low trading fees. Users can also win bitcoins and other rewards using the special features OKX offers. The customer support is impressive, and users can communicate in various ways. Finally, OKX is also a secure platform with no records of severe hacks. OKX supports the mobile application for both Android and iOS users. The OKX application is an all-in-one trading app for cryptocurrency trading. With this, users can buy and sell digital assets in all forms, irrespective of the time and place.

Tokenexus has a consumer rating of 4.46 stars from 50 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Receive the latest news about our cryptocurrency education courses, events, and guides. Once you have registered, you can log in to Tokenexus using your email ID and password. You should also setup and activate 2FA and SMS authentication for extra security. To do this, navigate to ‘Account Security’ in your Profile section.

Posting the latest news, reviews and analysis to hit the blockchain. Something that we really liked about Tokenexus is that they have a pretty strong community around it with numerous telegram & Facebook groups. This is a great way for you to bounce some trading ideas off fellow local traders. Of course, there is no need for you to reach out if you can find the required information in their support centre. They have most of the answers that other users have posed and it is indeed quite comprehensive. Although live chat is the most convenient option, sending a support ticket is also an option. This is perhaps if you want to ensure that your query gets routed to the most appropriate department.

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